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      The Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company began business as Acme Weatherstrip in 1898 in Mount Vernon, New York, and five generations of the Kammerer family made Accurate a national pioneer in the development of better, more efficient weatherstripping.

      For over 100 years, Accurate used their custom designed and built roll forming machinery to make metal interlocking weatherstripping and spring bronze weatherstripping for windows and doors. Many professional installers, including our parent company, Bagala Window Works, depended on these outstanding products to deliver the best solutions for customers, and protect our heritage by saving wooden windows and doors.

      When Fred and Ron Kammerer announced their retirement from the business in 2019, Bagala Window Works founder Marc Bagala immediately jumped at the opportunity to purchase the machines that made their weatherstripping. His desire was to continue on the legacy the Kammerer family had built. Our business, Accurate Machine Made Weatherstrip, was founded in 2019 to preserve, maintain and continue to operate the original Accurate Roll forming machines made by the Kammerer family.


      Continuing to manufacture Accurate’s metal interlocking weatherstripping on the original equipment was far more than a business opportunity for us. Having installed these products for more than 34 years in our historic window restoration business, we knew first-hand the impact they had on historic preservation in our country. Quite literally, these products save historic wooden windows and doors from going to the dump!
      Today, five of the original Accurate brand time-tested, custom-made, roll forming machines have been purchased by Bagala Window Works, a Maine based family-owned business that has preserved and weatherstripped thousands of heritage windows and doors for customers all over the United States. We operate this business as Window Restoration Supply, and deeply appreciate our ability to help other installers and contractors continue to improve efficiency and save wooden windows and doors. Learn more about our story.



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