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      If it weren’t for interlocking metal weatherstripping we wouldn’t have as many historic wooden windows around today!

      Wooden window rehabilitation using metal interlocking weatherstripping or spring bronze weatherstripping is less expensive and less disruptive than replacing that window with an inferior, vinyl product. Further, quality weatherstripping will improve energy efficiency considerably, and it maintains the character and historic value of an older building.

      Blocks air infiltration

      Stops heat loss

      Keeps cool air in during warm months

      Blocks sound penetration

      Makes operation much smoother and easier

      What is Interlocking Weatherstrip?

      Before the plastic and silicone weatherstripping we see today was introduced, windows were often outfitted with an interlocking style of metal weatherstripping that made them impermeable to cold winds and resistant to outdoor heat and noises.

      Metal interlocking weatherstrip seals the moveable connections between parts of a window. It is made to fill the gaps around the lower and upper sash of a double hung window, and stops air infiltration and sound. These products stop heat loss and improve energy efficiency of windows better than anything on the market.

      What is Spring Bronze Weatherstripping?

      Spring bronze weatherstripping provides an excellent seal to keep air, water and bugs out of your home. Metal spring bronze is very durable to last for generations, and is extremely flexible to fit almost any size gap around doors and windows.

      Where Does it Go?

      Installed weatherstripping seals all the gaps around a double hung window to prevent air infiltration. It encompasses the jambs, stiles, head and sill, and the meeting rails of both sashes of a wooden window. Designed with a curved shape, pieces interlock for a snug fit that blocks out air movement without hampering operation. In fact, customers rave about how much easier window operation is after the installation of interlocking metal weatherstrip!

      Consider Conservation Before You Toss!

      Before you take those older wooden windows to the landfill and replace it with a modern alternative, keep in mind that those windows have served the building for 50 – 100 years and can still go strong into the next century. Rugged, long-lasting metal interlocking weatherstripping can make that original piece of architecture competitive with the efficiency of any modern counterpart.

      What’s Next

      Our mission at Window Restoration Supply is to help contractors and homeowners save wooden window and doors, while still accomplishing the efficiency they desire.

      We suggest you practice on a salvaged window (unfortunately, your local landfill is a good place to find one) so you can get a feel for how to modify where you put slots and meeting rail pieces so they fit properly.

      Our staff is always available for assistance and questions – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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