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      According to Energy Star, the installation of quality weatherstripping can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

      For effectively sealing wood doors, spring bronze or metal interlocking weatherstripping is perfect. As with windows, metal interlocking weatherstrip seals gaps in door frames and door elements with an interlocking design impervious to air leaks. The shape of spring bronze allows it to spring, or adjust, to take up the space between the side of the door and the jam. Add a threshold strip or metal threshold plate, and your exterior door is ready to block air infiltration, heat loss, and have improved soundproofing.

      Both types of metal weatherstripping are extremely strong to last for decades, and have sizing options and flexibility to fit almost any size gap around doors.

      Stops air infiltration

      Prevents heat and/or cooling loss

      Reduces sound penetration

      Keeps out the elements

      Blocks pests from getting inside


      Maintain Historic Integrity

      There is no comparison to the aesthetic quality of handmade wooden doors on an older building. Sterile metal doors just can’t compare, nor do they necessarily compete with original wood doors. Keeping them in good repair and sealed with quality weatherstripping, and they will last another century and be just as efficient as current replacements.

      Lower Costs & Improve Efficiency

      Like metal interlocking window weatherstripping, door weatherstrip products greatly improve energy efficiency better than any weatherstripping alternative on the market. The seal they provide helps to ensure warm or cool air stays inside so the building’s temperature is more efficiently and effectively regulated year-round. Well-sealed doors keep you more comfortable and your energy bills at more reasonable levels.

      Let Us Help

      Our mission at Accurate Machine Made Weatherstrip is to help contractors and homeowners save wooden window and doors, while still accomplishing the efficiency they desire.

      Our staff is always available for assistance and questions – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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